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Grimm's Fairy Tales

The Romantic Era (1798-1832)
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle
Grimm's Fairy Tales

The Brothers Grimm

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Cinderella-Cinderella’s mother dies and her father remarries later that same year. Cinderella’s mother told her to be good and pious, so she continued living that way. Her father’s new wife brought her two daughters with her. They are all beautiful, but cruel. They made her do all the chores around the house. On one of her father’s trips, he asks his daughter and step-daughters what they want him to bring home for them. His step-daughters want dresses and jewels, Cinderella wants the first branch that his his hat on his way home. All these things he brings to them. Cinderella plants the tree on her mother’s grave and it grows into a tree. Later, a festival, held in the honor of a wedding occurs and Cinderella’s family goes. Cinderella’s stepmother said she could only go if she completes several tasks for her first. Cinderella does what her stepmother asks her to do, but her stepmother says she could not go for she has nothing to wear. Cinderella goes to the tree and asks it to wrap her in silver and gold, it does. She went to the festival and met the prince. They fell in love, and after some bumps in the road, they marry and live happily ever after.


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Little Red Riding Hood-Little Red Riding Hood appears as a girl who everybody loves, especially her grandmother. One day while she travels to her grandmother’s house, she wanders off the path to pick some flowers and meets a wolf. She appears unafraid of him, because she never in her life encounters a wolf. He asks her who she travels to see. When the wolf finds out about Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother and where she lives, he takes off to the house, and eats her. He put on some of grandmother’s clothes and climbs into bed. The wolf pretends to be her grandmother and eats Little Red Riding Hood too. A woodcutter hears all the commotion and comes in and finds the wolf sleeping. He ties to shoot him, but thinks the grandmother may still be alive. He cut the wolf open, finds them both, saves them, puts rocks in the wolf’s stomach and sews him up. The stones are heavy and when he tries to chase them, he dies. They live happily ever after.



Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm and Wilhelm Karl Grimm were born in 1785 and 1786, respectively, in Hanau near Frankfurt. They were educated at the Friedrichs-Gymnasium in Kassel and later both read law at the University of Marburg.

Wilhelm died in 1859; his elder brother Jacob died in 1863. They are buried in the St Matthäus Kirchhof Cemetery in Schöneberg, Berlin. The Grimms helped foment a nationwide democratic public opinion in Germany and are cherished as the progenitors of the German democratic movement, whose revolution of 1848/1849 was crushed brutally by the Kingdom of Prussia, where there was established a constitutional monarchy.


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Sleeping Beauty-There lives a king and queen who desperately want a child. They try for years, but are never able to have one. One day, a frog comes to the queen and tells her that within a year, they will have a child. It comes true, they have a daughter. The king and queen hold a celebration and invite everyone in the kingdom, including the wise women. There are thirteen in total, but the king has only twelve golden plates to serve them on, one has to stay at home. When eleven of the wise women bestow their gifts on the princess, the thirteenth comes in and vows revenge for not having an invitation. At the age of fifteen, the princess would prick her finger on a spindle and die. After the curse, the wise woman vanishes. The twelfth wise woman can not take away the curse, but she can soften it to a sleep of one hundred years, which the entire castle would fall under as well. The king nevertheless burns every spindle. Fifteen years later, the princess walks around the castle and found an old woman spinning in an old room. While the princess tries to see what the woman does, she pricks her finger and the whole castle falls into a deep sleep. Many years later, a prince comes to the country and hears an old man talking about the castle and the mystery surrounding it. The prince fights his way past many hardships and appears able to wake the princess, in doing so, he also wakes the entire castle. The prince and princess falls in love and marry.


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Rapunzel- A man and a woman desperately want a child. The woman convices her husband to sneak into the enchantresses garden next door and take some rampion, because she convinces him that unless she had some, she would die. The man did what his wife asks him to do, but the enchantress catches him and she forces him to agree to giving up his first born child. He agrees, but does not know how he would convince his wife to give up her firstborn child. When the woman gives birth to the child, the enchantress appears by the bed, names the child Rapunzel and takes her away. The enchantress locks Rapunzel in a tower where she grows quite beautiful. The only way into the tower appears by climbing up Rapunzel’s long hair. A prince rides by one day and sees the enchantress calling for Rapunzel to let her hair down. He and decides he will do the same when the enchantress leaves. When he does, Rapunzel appears afraid at first.. He tells her that he loves her, she loses her fear and decides she will do what he wants. He asks her to take him as her husband, and she agrees, but does not know how to get down. He starts bringing silk skeins and she weaves a ladder. The enchantress finds them out and cuts off Rapunzel’s hair. When the prince comes and yells for Rapunzel, the enchantress let down Rapunzel’s cut hair and when the prince enters the room she scratches his eyes. He wanders around blindle until he comes across Rapunzel, she cries and the tears heal his eyes, and they live happily ever after.


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Hansel and Gretel- A poor woodcutter and his wife live in a cabin near a forest with their children. They were very poor and did not know how they were going to continue living on what money they have. The wood cutters wife convinces him that it will be easier for them to live if they did not have have to feed the children. So the woodcutter took his children into the forest and left them in there. After some time, the children come upon a house made of sweets and start eating it. An old woman comes out and asks the children to come in. She starts trying to feed Hansel a lot of food while Gretel cleans her house. It becomes clear that she tries to fatten him up so she can eat him. Gretel warns Hansel and he did not eat. While the old woman heats up the stove to cook Hansel, Gretel pushes her in and she dies. Hansel and Gretel escape on the back of a duck and lived happy and healthy with their father, for the woman ceases to exist.